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Step back and step up to re-connect with what really matters


Mountain Path forges a link between your organization and the world of mountaineering to:

  • Develop your managerial practices and strengthen corporate wellbeing
  • Improve holistically the wellbeing of all employees from top to bottom


Find inspiration in mountain guides and rescuers

Commitment :
commit to action alongside colleagues

Security :
remain vigilant, anticipate, constantly reassess situation and its adjacent risks

Integrity :
through immersion in the wonders of nature rediscover a true sense of awe

Resourcefulness :
learn how to cope using simple yet ingenious tools

Laid bare :
alone against the elements regain a sense of what is fundamental



Learning expeditions

They have attained new heights

La Réunion base camp

Pyrénées base camp


Chamonix base camp

A universal model suitable for everybody and infinitely variable

Do you need to get a new perspective?


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