Experiential learning

We have created a bespoke model based on shared experiences in the mountains : I ACT – I LEARN.

A bespoke and highly adaptable model with universal appeal

based on 5 key principals that underpin any well-functioning  organization, thus promoting in-depth and sustainable change.

Tailored Support

for executives and management committees but also for middle managers or managers undergoing training, project managers, transition managers…

A broad overview  

of organisations (strategy, finance, management, team management, communication.

A network

drawing on the particular expertise of guides/rescuers and business professionals.

A boundless playground

Mid and high mountains, outdoor, climbing in all its guises even in an urban environment.

“Mountains offer man everything that modern society forgets to give him.”


A Bespoke Learning Expedition in tune with today


Individual and collective assessment of the organization, key requirements.


Development of a bespoke training program, agreeing with the client the right path forward and preliminary briefing.


Training in the mountains, first steps towards autonomy, debriefing, feedback.


Assessment and identification of areas within the organisation to explore in greater depth.


Development of long term training programs, consultation by themes.

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